Meet our Founders

Bonnie Powers, CMA:  Having instructed and moderated the Strategic 

Leadership Program for the Certified Management Accountants of Canada for the past several years, Bonnie is uniquely qualified to lead the Acacia Institute. During the course of her career, Bonnie has developed and taught courses for the Brick University and the Sobeys' Management Development Program.  

A Certified Management Accountant, Bonnie has worked in a variety of industries, from Accounting Supervisor to Chief Financial Officer giving her a broad perspective on the operations and cultures that lead to successful organizations.

Tamena Powers: An entrepreneur since she was a pre-teen, she  leveraged her connections in a small town to create a viable child care business. At the tender age of 19, Tamena opened a hair salon and began helping people look their very best - this, during her 24-year career as an award-winning professional stylist. Since then, she has been at the helm of multiple businesses, including Powers & Co and the Acacia Institute, always with a focus on helping women business leaders achieve and succeed in life, starting with the inner foundation work, and then moving into self-reliance, confidence, and growth.

Certified with TTI Success Insights, as a Behavior and Motivators Analyst, Tamena brings clarity through her authentic, trustworthy, graceful spirit as she helps people get the most out of life by learning what they are good at and embracing their talents. She is also capable of giving them a mighty push when circumstances call for it, and because her clients trust her implicitly, they succeed under her kind leadership and with her gentle spirit.